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Meet ROMP Remix Trio
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Meet ROMP 
Remix Trio
We recommend applying  water-based lube onto the inside of the ring and the penis. The more, the merrier
Experiment whatever feels good to you! Wear  Remix Trio around your  testicles, around your penis and testicles or just at the base of your penis and explore new sensations.
Just stretch the ring around the head of the penis and slide it down.
Play Ideas
Boost your masturbation! Penis rings aren’t just made for penetrative sex. Try using Remix Trio to extend your masturbation and delay your orgasm.
Wear all the three rings together and boost your endurance even more!
Enhance the sensations of oral sex by wearing  ROMP Remix Trio rings while giving or receiving a blowjob.
ROMP Remix rings are water resistant.
You can clean them by rinsing them with warm water and toy cleaner – just make sure to dry them off properly!
General Content


Sold as a novelty product only. Not suitable for medical purposes. If you are under a physician’s care and/or have a condition requiring the use of any medical device, please consult your doctor before using this product. Stop using the product immediately if you experience any skin irritations, pain or discomfort and consult your doctor.

For stimulation, this product can be used by adults only. Persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge can use the product for stimulation if they have been given instruction concerning use of the product in a safe way and understand the hazards involved. Children shall not play with the product. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be done by children. Do not use on swollen or inflamed areas of skin.

  • Remove piercings or jewellery in the genital area before use for stimulation.
  • Remove any residues of soap from body before use for stimulation. Only use with clear water.
  • When directing the product at genitals, start with a lukewarm temperature and do not increase temperature beyond what feels comfortable to avoid skin irritation due to burns. When switching jet types, turn the shower head away from your body and check water temperature with your hand first in case of unexpected changes.
  • This hand shower is for use with automatic compensating valves rated at 1,3 GPM(4,9 L/min.) or less.
  • Only use with drinking water to avoid skin irritations.
  • Always clean the product before and after use for stimulation according to the instructions given in the manual.
  • Sharing sex toys may transmit sexual diseases. Do not share your sex toys with users other than your partner. Use protective measures with your partner if necessary.
  • Do not use the toy if you detect any cracks or signs of degredation in the cover material.
  • Only use the product for the intended purpose. This product is not designed for anal use. Do not use anally!
  • This product is not designed to be inserted vaginally. Do not insert!
  • Spraying water inside the vagina can rinse off healthy bacteria and upset its slightly acidic environment. Do not spray water directly into the inner part of the vagina.
  • Check the product regularly for damage and do not use the device if any components are damaged.
  • Components with damaged surfaces must be exchanged due to danger of injury.
  • Damage caused by improper treatment will not be covered by our guarantee.
  • To avoid damage to the product, the product must not be exposed to temperatures above 45°C/112°F, be exposed to pressure over 0,6 MPa/87 psi or 6 bar, be dismantled or mechanically or electrically damaged.
  • To prevent scald injury, the maximum output temperature of the shower valve must be no higher than 120°F (49° C). In Massachusetts, the maximum output temperature can be no higher than 112°F (44° C).
  • The minimum flow pressure to operate the product in each of the jet modes is 0.9bar/14 psi before the mixer tap.


  • Only use cleaning material which is explicitly provided for this type of application.
  • Never use cleaning materials, which contain hydrochloric acid, formic acid, concentrated caustic soda, chlorine pale lye or acetic acid, as they cause considerable damage.
  • Mixing cleaning agents is not permitted, generally.
  • Never use cleaning materials or appliances with an abrasive effect, such as unsuitable cleaning powders, sponge pads or micro fibre cloths.
  • The safety instructions of the cleaning agent manufacturers must be strictly followed.
  • Cleaning has to be carried out with a specified cleaner dosage, contact time, object-related and adapted to the needs.
  • The building up of calcifications has to be removed by cleaning regularly.
  • When using spray cleaners, spray the cleaning solution onto a soft cloth or sponge, never directly onto the products, as the atomised spray could enter openings and gaps in the products and cause damage.
  • After cleaning rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove any cleaner residue.
  • If cleaner residue comes in contact with skin it may cause skin irritation.
  • The use of steam cleaners is not permitted. The high temperatures can damage the products.


  • Residues of toiletries such as liquid soaps, shampoos and shower gels, hair dyes, perfumes, aftershave and nail varnish can also cause damage. Here too: Carefully rinse with water after use to remove residues.
  • Likewise, do not store any cleaning agents or chemicals under the products, for example in a vanity unit, as the vapours may damage the products. The damage of already damaged surfaces will deteriorate under the effect of the cleansers.
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